Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CoverGirl Queen Collection Foundation & Bronzer Review and Swatches

So today I was looking through my bag of tricks and I came across this foundation and bronzer from the CoverGirl Queen Collection line that I forgot I had. This past summer I had been branching out to different drugstore makeup to see how comparable they were to department store makeup, and I have to say I have found a lot of products that are so much better! I am all for saving money for products that work! So when I pulled these out I started remembering how much I loved them and how much the colors matched my skinetone.

The first item that I pulled out was the Natural Hue Liquid Foundation in the color "Sheer Espresso" which, by the way, has a beautiful golden undertone.

They describe this as " a lightweight, oil-free, liquid formula with built-in moisturizers that continuously hydrates skin for a soft, smooth, radiant finish".

As you can see this color has a strong yellowness to it that is perfect for my golden undertone. It's very hard to find a foundation that has a true golden tone to it so this was a nice surprise!

The Texture is kind of watery but it feels very hydrating.

It Blends into a smooth matte finish but looks like your natural skin. The only thing I am not to keen on is that it has a very light coverage and if you put on a couple of layers, it does start caking up after being on the skin for a couple of hours. So my recommendation is to use it has a tinted moisturizer or for the days that you don't want to look to made up!

The next item I pulled out was the Natural Hue Bronzer in "Ebony Bronze". Now when I first saw this at Target I did a double take. I thought to myself, could this be true? Is there such a thing as a bronzer being darker then my skintone? So I grabbed it and put in my basket excited to try it!

Well looks can be deceiving and in the package it looked way darker then what it actually is!:(

But that disappointment was quickly pushed away when I swiped it on my hand and blended it out. Let me just tell you that it gives the most beautiful golden radiance to your skin! I was amazed on how it highlighted in just the right places! This is what the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish in "Dark" should be and without the ashy look!

So bottom line, I would recommended these products to anyone who doesn't want a lot of coverage or who is looking for a great tinted moisturizer with slight coverage and who doesn't mind having that beautiful natural glow!

And just because, here's a picture of me sporting the look after being on my skin for a couple of hours in this Cali weather!:) Foundation in espresso and the bronzer all over as a setting powder.

- Shanilton

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