Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Spy the 70's.....

My love for fashion and style has always been a bit different then the average person. I love taking pieces that weren't made to go with each other and do just the opposite, put it together.  That's what the 70's style reminds me of, everything just goes. So when I saw this pleaded skirt in the store I new I had to get it plus, it didn't hurt that the skirt only cost me $0.50! Always the one for a good deal I grabbed it immediately. This era always takes me back to when I was in Jr. High. That's when the bell bottoms and platforms came in style for the 2nd time around. I'm glad to see it again and I decided to express my love for the 70's!

What I'm wearing:

1.) Sweater: Target
2.) Sequin Cardigan: Macy's
3.) Pleaded Skirt: Local Boutique
4.) Shoes: Local Boutique
5.) Purse:  A Boutique in Hawaii 
6.) Belt: Forever 21
7.) Accessories: Forever 21

Thanks!! xoxo

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